1) Standard Report

Your client may probably use the following reports first. See the video and information URL

https://support.signagelive.com/hc/en-us/articles/217931827-What-Network-Reports-are-available- )

2) Proof-of-Play (POP)

We have this POP function. It is a function typically for those who want to track their advertisement to collect money from their advertisers. This POP function is available on request basis and we will turn it on individually for each network.

Thus, the POP may not be what your school client is looking for.

3) Remote Screenshots

Good and Bad news.

We will have it soon BUT on SSSP and LG WebOS.

See Trello roadmap ==> search for "Remote Screenshots" 


This is probably what your school client need.  I will check when it will be available for Chrome. Unless it is a very specific (i.e. unique) function or the OS's SDK does not has the necessary support, We usually release a given function for all OSs together.