You do not need to worry as we will take care of the enrollment of the device for your domain.

Still below is the process:

Video by Google:

Install and enroll your device

  1. Verify your device licenses:
    1. Wait for the welcome email, which indicates the number of device licenses assigned to your domain.
    2. Go to Device Management > Chromebox for meetings and verify the number of licenses in your account.View your licenses
  2. Set up your Chromebox for meetings devices:
    1. Review the setup requirements to make sure the room, network, and other componenets are ready to go. 
    2. Install the device and wait for the Chrome OS auto-updates to complete. 
    3. Enroll the device using the on-screen wizard.
  3. Troubleshoot problems encountered during enrollment, if necessary.
You’ll need at least 2 devices and 2 licenses for Chromebox for meetings to communicate between rooms.