Skip this step if the Jamboard displays Meet Meet in the top-right corner.

To use video meeting features on the board, turn on videoconferencing in the Google Admin console. You can then use the board as a standalone videoconferencing device. If you want to use Jamboard in larger meeting rooms, pair it with Hangouts Meet hardware or one of our supported peripherals.

If you turn off videoconferencing, you’ll lose any calendar or device pairings, and won’t be able to start video meetings.

Open your Google Admin console.

From the Admin console, click Menu Menu and then Devices and then Jamboard.

  1. Click a Jamboard.
  2. Click Device settings to expand the menu.
  3. Click Videoconferencing configuration.
  4. Click Configure Now.
  5. Click Allow full-screen videoconferencing.
  6. Click Save.


Note: The following Hangouts Meet features are not available on Jamboard:

  1. Dialing out to phone numbers
  2. Recording meetings
  3. Starting or watching live streams
  4. Pan, tilt, and zoom control on external cameras
  5. Streaming both the video and presentation from Jamboard
  6. Changing the video layout on your screen
  7. Live captions
  8. Inviting people to an ongoing meeting