Display Google Calendar events on Jamboard

You can set up a calendar to display upcoming events on Jamboard. You can then tap an event on the board to start or join a video meeting.

Step 1: Add the Jamboard as a Calendar resource

Skip this step if you’ve already added the Jamboard as a Calendar resource.

To display upcoming events on Jamboard, add the board as a calendar resource.

Open your Google Admin console.

From the Admin Console, go to Menu Menu and thenDirectory and thenBuildings and resources and thenManage resources.

  • Click Add Add.
  • Fill out information about the meeting room where you set up the Jamboard, such as the building, floor, and name.
  • Make note of the Auto-generated resource name.
  • You’ll need this name when pairing a calendar to a board.
  • Click Add Resource.

Step 2: Pair a Google Calendar to Jamboard

  • Open your Google Admin console.
  • From the Admin console, click Menu Menu and then Devices and then Jamboard.
  • Click a Jamboard name.
  • Click Device Settings to expand the menu.
  • Click Videoconferencing configuration, then select Allow full-screen videoconferencing.
  • Check Pair to a room calendar.
  • Enter the name of the resource from the steps above.
  • Click Save.

You can now add the Jamboard to an event. When editing an event’s options, select the Rooms tab and enter the name of the board or room where the board is located. Jamboard will display upcoming meetings up to 4 hours in advance