Instant Web
The Chromebook is a whole new way of experiencing the web. The entire operating system is built on top of Google's very own browser, and since it's the only software that has to load, you can be online in less than eight seconds. With full support for the latest web technologies, including Adobe® Flash®, Google Chrome gives you direct access to everything the web has to offer.

Safe and sound
The great thing about the Chomebook is that everything -- including your apps, documents and settings -- are safely stored online, so they're instantly available whenever you need them. Even if you lose your Acer Chromebook, all you have to do is log in from another Chromebook and simply carry on from where you left off.

So secure you won’t even notice
Say goodbye to updates, security patches, malware and viruses. The Chromebook uses Google's advanced technology to help prevent harmful programs from ever accessing your data -- and you never have to lift a finger. And because the operating system is online, Google Chrome upgrades itself with the latest features and fixes automatically, every time you switch it on. You'll never see an upgrade prompt again!

Amazing web apps
We know what you're thinking: If everything is online, how do I install apps and programs? Easily! The Chromebook runs millions of web apps, from games to spreadsheets and even photo editors. Just go to the Chrome Web Store and check out the latest apps or just type URLs into the address bar and install compatible applications directly -- no CDs required