Need a quick way to assign work, manage deadlines, and receive status updates on a project?

Collaborate with your team in a shared Google Sheets project plan or schedule.


  • Team members can directly update their status and notes in real time.
  • Everyone always accesses the most recent version of the plan.
  • Save storage and keep your inbox clean. All drafts of your spreadsheet are in the revision history, so there's no need for multiple versions or attachments.
  • Check in with your team easily, whether they're onsite, remote, or on-the-go.


Create a dynamic schedule in Sheets
  1. In Google Drive, click NEW and select Google Sheets.
  2. Add headers to the top row, such as Deliverables, Owner, Duration, and notes.
  3. Click Share and share the checklist with your team at the appropriate access level. Anyone with edit permissions can update the schedule.

To add more advanced features such as progress trackers and automated email notifications, see Create dynamic project plans with Sheets.