Gmail’s Priority Inbox automatically separates your important messages from the rest of your email so you focus on them first.

Over time, Priority Inbox gets better at predicting what’s important to you.


Enable Priority Inbox

  1. In Gmail, point to your Inbox label and click the arrow that appears next to Inbox.
  2. From the Inbox Type menu, select Priority Inbox. Priority Inbox separates your inbox into 3 sections:
    • Important and unread
    • Starred
    • Everything else
  3. (Optional) If there’s a message in Everything else that shouldn’t be there, do one of the following options:
    • To add it to Important and unread, click the message importance marker (to the right of its star).
    • To add it to Starred, click the message star.
  4. (Optional) To customize Priority Inbox, on the right next to the inbox section, click the arrow next to the number of messages in the section to specify the following options:
    • Move the messages to another section
    • Specify the number of messages to display in the section
    • Hide the section when it’s empty
    • Add a fourth section or remove a section