Chrome version 52 or higher only

If you’re in a Google Hangout, share what’s on your browser tab or desktop by casting it from Chrome. Just like sharing your screen in a Hangout, your team will only see the content that you want to show. However, casting lets you share in a separate browser window, so you can continue engaging with your team and multitasking in the Hangout screen.

Classic Hangouts instructions

Install the Google Cast extension

  1. Sign in to the Chrome browser.
  2. Download the Google Cast extension.
  3. On the toolbar, right-click Google Cast cast and make sure Enable Cloud Services is checked.

Start casting to a Hangout from Chrome
  1. Join an ongoing Hangout, or start a new one.
  2. Start casting by choosing an option from the toolbar:

    • Click Google Cast cast and choose from the available Hangouts.
    • Click More more_vert > Cast and choose from the available Hangouts.
  3. (Optional) To switch what you’re sharing, click Cast desktop or Cast tab and choose what you want to share.

  4. (Optional) To use a higher bandwidth, check the Smooth Motion [beta] box.
  5. Click Stop to stop casting.