Search past chats and find the exact reference you’re looking for with Google Hangouts chat history.

Classic Hangouts instructions

Access your chat history

Hangouts chat history is turned on by default, but you can turn it on or off at any time.

  1. In Gmail or Inbox, click Hangouts hangout.
  2. Do one of the following:

    • In Gmail, click a person's name to view chat history with that person.
    • In Inbox, click New conversation 


        and enter a person's name. Click the name to view chat history with that person.

Turn off your chat history

  1. Select the conversation which you want to turn off chat history, and click Settings settings.
  2. Deselect Conversation history.
  3. Click OK.

Archive or delete an open chat

Select the conversation you want to archive or delete, and click Settings settings > Archive conversation or Delete conversation.

Access archived chats

Click the Down arrow arrow_drop_down beside your name (Gmail) or in the Search box (Inbox) and select Archived Hangouts.