1. Install and onboard your app.
Install an app on Frame just like you would on any Windows PC. Power on your desktop, use Chrome to download a copy of your installer and launch it. We detect the installation and onboard your app to Frame.

2. Run it from the desktop.
Once installed, your app will appear in the desktop's Start menu. Launch it and see how Frame delivers local-like response from the cloud. Once you are finished, select "Disconnect" from the gear menu and return to your dashboard.

3. Run it from the dashboard.
You'll see your app icon on the dashboard. Click the icon to run it. Notice that you no longer see the Windows desktop or start menu -- it's just the app alone.  Disconnect from the gear icon or just close the app (red X in the upper right corner of your app).

4. Share your app with a friend.
Click the small arrow under the application icon and select "Share app." Copy the App URL and email or text it to let a friend run your app. Note that only one person can use a desktop system at a time. (Of course, in a production system, it can be utilized by as many as you’d like.)

5. Connect a cloud storage account.
When you are in an app session, click on one of the cloud storage icons at the lower right corner and follow the sign in prompts (i.e. Dropbox, Google Drive or Box). If you don't see the icons, go to your session settings page on your dashboard and click the gear next to the default group and enable them. Once you've connected, you'll see your account show up in the session as a mounted drive (i.e. Box = X: drive).

6. Share a session to collaborate.
Launch an app from its icon. Click "Share session" from the gears menu, copy the URL, and send it to a friend to have them join your session from their browser. You'll both see the same desktop app and can share the mouse and keyboard in real-time.

7. Embed your app on your website.
Click the arrow below the application icon and select "Embed app." (If this option is not available, please contact support to have it enabled.) Copy the embed code and paste it into a test HTML page on your website. Try different settings in the "Embed App" and "Properties" dialogs to change the way the app behaves and appears.


Once you've done these tasks in your Frame Platform Trial -- you're ready for the next step:  enabling support for multiple users in production.  You'll need to upgrade your account to the Starter tier so click "Upgrade" in the account menu at the upper right corner of your dashboard.