You can receive automated notifications from Frame for various types of information:

1.  Account activity:  By default, the e-mail address used as the username for your Frame account will be used for sending automated system notifications (when applications complete the publishing process, when the number of production instances change, etc.).  

You can add additional e-mail addresses to these system notifications in your Frame Platform or Frame for Business/Education Account settings (click the down arrow next to your account name at the upper right corner of your dashboard and select "Account" -- then scroll down to the Notifications section).

2.  Overall system status:  You can see real-time status of the Frame platform at any time by going to  If there are any incidents that affect availability or degrade the performance of the Frame service, they will be posted to this page.  You can also subscribe to receive automated updates (via e-mail or SMS) when a new incident or update is posted directly from this page -- just click on the "Subscribe to updates" button.