Setting up VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) securely connects a user or your account to an existing network (usually at your offices). Once this is established users running on Frame can securely access resources from that network such as file servers or license servers. With Frame there are two options for setting up a VPN connection:

(option 1) Install Remote Access VPN Client Software on Frame

Installing a VPN client will allow you to quickly publish a VPN client to all your team members. Simply install the VPN client in the sandbox and test the connection before publishing. When setting up your VPN client you will need to use split tunnel routing to ensure the applications are not streamed through your offices before going to the end point.

Once the client has been published, users will need to login to the VPN client in order to access on-prem resources.

note: Using pre-session scripts it's also possible to automatically prompt users to login via VPN when they start a session on Frame. Contact customer support to learn more.

(option 2) Add a VPN Gateway for Site to Site Tunnel

Setting up a VPN gateway in your Frame Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a Frame Enterprise Option. There are additional charges for running a VPN gateway 24x7, however, the nice thing about setting up a VPN gateway is that your Frame VPC will always be securely connected to your corporate offices in a manner similar to setting up a remote office. Contact customer support to learn more.