Frame has a variety of account types to meet the needs of different types of users and organizations.  More details are available at, but here's a quick summary:

Frame Demo:  this account lets you quickly see how Frame works by signing up and using a number of pre-installed applications for a limited time.

Frame Personal:  this account type is for individuals who wish to install their own applications on their own "PC in the cloud" that they administer.

Frame for Business:  this account type is intended for IT administrators who wish to manage applications for the end users in their organization.  This tier includes the ability to manage users, publish to a "pool" of production instances and manage the capacity of the pool. 

Frame for Education:  this account type is a version of Frame for Business that has special pricing for educational institutions.

Frame Platform:  this tier is made for software vendors and developers who wish to distribute their software to their end users via a browser.  This account type includes a variety of tiers including Starter, Developer, Pro, and Ultimate to suit the specific needs of vendors and their specific stage of the rollout.